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Text Scam Information

This week we have been the target of a text scam. Many residents in the Missoula area have received a text on their cell phone stating, “MissoulaFCU alert for member phone ###-#### Contact 914-###-####,” and another one that uses an 844 area code. What we’ve learned is this is NOT targeted to just our members.

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Scammers Target College Students

As if college wasn’t stressful enough, here’s another thing for students to worry about: being on high alert for scams. For many young people, college is the first taste of financial independence; scammers prey on this naivety. Also, the expense of college gives students financial pressure, which becomes ammunition for scammers. Read on to discover three tricks criminals use to steal your money, and how to increase your personal safety..

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House for rent

Tips to Avoid Being Taken by Rental Scams

Rental scams are one of the fastest-growing frauds nationwide. With sites like Craigslist or, apartment searching is now easier than ever. Unfortunately, though, that ease of access comes with a price. Anyone can list anything as “for rent” and for any price. Most of these listings are legitimately posted by a real person who wants to rent their living space. In some cases, though, they’re not. With only a few pictures and emails, scammers can convince you that they actually do have a luxury apartment or house for only $500 a month. Here are three rules that can help you avoid a rental scam…

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