Debit Cards

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Buzz Points – Local Cards. Local Rewards.

We believe that with every debit card transaction you make, you have the potential to invest back in the businesses and organizations that make our community flourish. Every time you make a purchase with your MFCU debit card, you will earn MFCU Buzz Points. Earn even more by shopping at a participating local business. With the power of your debit card, together we can help strengthen our local economy.

Sign up today for Buzz Points, the free debit and credit card rewards program—it’s free and easy. Redeem Buzz Points at participating local merchants or use them to make a charitable donation in our community.

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Prepaid Debit Cards

MFCU offers pre-paid credit and debit cards for a low fee at any of our branches. Pre-paid cards are great for travel, gifts or budgeting. Just stop by and ask.