Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ABA or Routing Number?

How do I re-order checks?
You can reorder checks in person at any MFCU branch, on the phone by calling 1-800-355-8123 or online at

How do I register for Online Banking?
Once you are a member of Missoula Federal Credit Union click here to register for Online Banking

Is Online Banking safe?
We are commited to your security while providing convenient online and mobile access to your account. This page details more about the online security and login process.

How do I use Mobile Check Deposit?
Mobile Check Deposit allows you to deposit your checks anytime and anywhere. You need a mobile device with a rear facing camera and our Mobile App.

This document shows how to use our app for Mobile Check Deposit.

When making the deposit make sure your check is signed and endorsed with “For Mobile Deposit Only”. At this time you cannot deposit checks from a desktop computer and flatbed scanner.

I am traveling out of town, what do I need to do?
When traveling it is important to let us know when and where you are traveling. This is because your credit and debit cards are protected against transactions that are not under your normal spending habits. Fill out this form so we can make sure your trip is smooth sailing.

How do I report a lost or stolen card?
Lost or Stolen Visa Credit Cards: 1-888-241-2510 (toll-free outside the U.S.: 909-941-1398)

Lost or Stolen MasterCard Debit Cards: 1-888-241-2510 (toll-free outside the U.S.: 909-941-1398)

How does MFCU monitor for fraudulent activity?
MFCU partners with a 3rd party who performs fraud monitoring on our behalf for both our VISA credit cards and MasterCard debit cards. You may receive a call from our fraud monitoring partner to verify activity on your account. Please note that this is a valid call and our attempt to contact you regarding suspicious account activity.

Will changing my PIN stop fraud?
Not entirely. While it is a good first step and helps to prevent further fraud at ATMs, you could still experience fraud from purchase transactions. PIN changes must be made at MFCU ATMs. If you are out of the area, you may call us at 406-523-3300 for instructions.

How do I dispute a card transaction?
Please call us at 406-523-3300 to start a card dispute.

Is there a limit on the number of transfers that can be done on an account?
There is a federal regulation (Reg D) which stipulates the number of unsigned transfer’s that may be made from a Savings account (or Money Market) into a Checking account per month to six. Transactions that do not count towards that limit are any transfers from Savings/Money Market into checking that are requested in person, by mail or completed at an ATM machine. There are no limitations to the number of credits an account may receive or the number of transfers out of a checking account.

Can I see how many transfers that have been done?
At this time you may see transfers on your monthly statement or by logging in and viewing your account activity online. If making a transfer online the system will notify you prior to completion if the transfer will add towards the regulated limit. While we do not have an application that will display a running count of transfers online that contribute towards the six limit, our eBranch can let you know where your count is at, either in person or over the phone.

Can I transfer money to an account at another bank electronically?
You can transfer funds using our enhanced transfers and using Person to Person payments. This is all done through the Transfers page in Online Banking.

Are there printable deposit slips on the website?
Deposit slips are not required when you visit our branch lobbies. Drive through transactions still require a deposit slip to verify your identity. You can download the deposit slip here.

How do I find Shared Branch Locations?
Shared Branching allows you to visit a different Credit Union and still perform your transactions like you were home at MFCU. These are the current Credit Unions that participate in Shared Branching.

How do I sign up for Direct Deposit for my pay checks?
Your employer will need to use this Direct Deposit form.

Forgot Username or Password?
This PDF document describes how to reset your password.
This PDF document describes how to retrieve your username.

How do I change my Online Banking password?
This PDF document has step by step instructions on changing your password.

What is a One Time Password (OTP)?
A One-Time Password is a code sent to you by email or text message to confirm changes on your online banking account, or reset your password/challenge questions. It is sent out so that if someone else tried to fraudulently change your online information, they wouldn’t be able to. You can select whether you want an email or a text message sent out on your online banking, under Profile -> My Account Profile -> Security. You can also opt to have a one-time password sent when you make transfers over a certain amount.

How do I find my Online Banking Challenge Questions?
This PDF document has step by step instructions to locate your challenge questions.

Can I update my personal information and address online?
This PDF document will help you find where to update your address and other personal details.

How can I view and print checks online?
This PDF document describes how you can find, view and print checks online.

How do I print my transactions and statements?
This PDF document describes how you can print all account transactions, and how to print older statements.

Should I share my login with my partner?
No. Your username and password should not be shared with anyone, even your spouse. Our online banking system allows you to set up a secondary user for your account. This PDF document explains how to create a secondary user that allows you to grant them access to your account. You can even set up secondary user profiles for accountants, fiduciaries, or trustees. Make sure you grant the proper permissions to the proper accounts.

How do I filter my list transactions to easily find a transaction detail?
The search function in online banking is very helpful, but you can use this PDF document to learn how to create filters on transaction types, dates, and more.

Can I get text alerts when my account drops a certain amount?
Online Banking allows you to set a variety of alerts. You can receive these alerts through text messages or email. You can set these alerts for transactions, balances, and much more. This PDF document describes how to create alerts.

Can I mail a cashiers check from my online account?
Yes, you can mail cashiers checks through online banking. This is NOT a bill pay system. It is more equivalent to a one-time need to get a check mailed to you or a family member. If you want to pay your bills online please learn more about Bill Pay.
This PDF document describes how you can mail a cashier check.

Can I make my loan payment online with MFCU with a different financial institutions debit or credit card?
At this time you cannot do this online. You can make a payment by calling our eBranch at 406-523-3300 or visiting one of our branch locations

I am not sure how to make my mortgage payment through a online transfer?
Mortgages at MFCU can be paid online, but it is a special account named RE PMT that is used to make the payment. This PDF document shows you details on how to pay your mortgage online.

What are favorite transfers with Online Banking?
Favorite Transfers are a feature that you can use to set up for transfers that you do frequently. You can set up a recurring transfer as well, if you want the transfer to happen at the same time every month. Favorite transfers are used when you want to control the timing from month to month, but you want to do it with fewer clicks. This PDF document describes how to set up a favorite transfer.

How do I set up my MFCU accounts in Quicken and Quickbooks?
Loading your MFCU accounts with Quicken and Quickbooks is a breeze with this PDF of helpful step-by-step instructions.

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