Your username and password logins are now combined on one page. This upgrade improves login speed and eliminates the need for a site marker, while maintaining user security and privacy.

Online and Mobile Banking Enhancements Coming Soon!

We’re excited to announce some upcoming enhancements to online banking and our mobile app! Coming soon you’ll see the following added features:

Biometric Authentication

Use TouchID/Fingerprint or Face Recognition (depending on the type of device you’re using) to login to your mobile app! You’ll see the following screens when you first login after the update:

Quick Balance

Quick Balance will have added options so you can customize what you see on your mobile app before you log in to best fit your needs, including:

A = Available Balance: includes any pending debit/credit transactions.
C = Current Balance: before any pending debit/credit transactions have posted.

Business Services

The following features will be added for business accounts:

  • Increased Access Control
  • Dual Authentication
  • Access restriction to IP/Hours
  • Notifications on secondary user login/transactions


Contact us online or give us a call at 406-523-3300.