Get Pre-Approved

If you are serious about searching for a home to purchase then you want to get pre-approved for a home loan from the credit union. Why? Pre-approval gives both real estate agents and home sellers confidence that you mean business. This gives you negotiating power.
There are two ways to get pre-approved:

  1. Meet with one of our real estate loan officers in person. Or,
  2. Start the application process on-line. If you go this route the system will know you are looking for a pre-approval rather than a specific mortgage approval when you do not input information on the specific property you want to purchase.

Home Loan Options

  • 1st Time Home Buyer Programs
  • In House Loan Programs
  • VA Loans
  • Rural Development Loans
  • Down Payment Assistance

Land and Construction Loans

Your first step should be to schedule a meeting with one of our real estate loan officers to describe your plans and to learn about what the credit union can do to help.

Land Loans – If you have found land, but are not quite ready to build, the credit union offers land or lot loans toward the purchase of unimproved property.

Construction Loans – You may be ready to purchase the land and begin the building process right away. Our construction loans will cover the upfront costs of starting your project.

End Loans – Don’t wait until construction is complete. Prepare to transition your construction loan into a permanent lending structure, like a traditional mortgage locked at a known rate.

Loans to Remodel an Existing Home

We also offer several options to help you pay for a remodeling project at your existing home.

HELOC – A Home Equity Line of Credit, or HELOC, allows you to open a line of credit with spending limits based on the value of your home. The benefit of a HELOC is that you have funds available but you only pay interest on what you spend. Similar to a credit card, but with lower interest rates, the HELOC is a great way to pay for home improvement projects.

Home Equity Loan – Similar to the HELOC, a Home Equity Loan is based on the value of your home, but is paid out in one lump sum. This loan is ideal if you know exactly how much your remodel project will cost and want to borrow a specific amount up front.

Solar Home Equity Loan – Use the equity in your home to make it more energy efficient.

Construction Loan – In addition to facilitating new construction, construction loans are also available for remodeling projects.

Access Our Home Ownership Resources

Our Homeownership Center is loaded with useful information about the mortgage process. In addition to many other resources you will find there some handy calculators and a detailed glossary of industry terms.